Material Design Google's


 Analog inspiring Digital, Alphabets


How many times have you been to a user experience/ app development discussion and hear everyone talking about material design? It is in these meetings, you came across contrasting views and eventually you end up at wondering how best your clients can savor your application. It was exactly one of those moments when I decided to actually re-create the design approach which led to material design concepts. This resulted in the construction of a few examples.

The analog alpha-icon range.

Watch Making material design, this video contains behind-the-scenes look while building this Google’s visual framework.

Material design approach towards icon design is inspired by the tactile and physical quality of material. Each icon is cut, folded, and lit as paper would be, but represented by simple graphic elements. The quality of the material is sturdy, with clean folds and crisp edges. The matte-like finish interacts with light through subtle highlights and consistent shadows. — guidelines,

Here you will see all 26 alphabets in the physical prototype form with the light study. Product icon grid has been used for standardising and clear understanding.